Tessuto Hand & Body Cream

$ 1,500 mxn
Culti Tessuto Hand & Body Lotion, moisturizing cream for hands and body. Cylindrical serigraphed bottle in transparent PET with cap in natural maple wood. Elegance and minimalism come together in the exclusive WELCOME collection by CULTI Milano. A pleasant, rich texture giving an immediate sensation of moisturised skin and scented well-being.
Tessuto: Walking through a cotton field, hands open, caressing the fluffy bolls. Closing your eyes and breathing in their cool, reassuring texture. Feeling at home, always.The coolness of linen and the rustle of silk.A unique fragrance, created in Como as a tribute to the most precious and natural fibres.

Notes: Cassis Leaves, Cotton Flowers, Jasmine, White Musk

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